Martin Solveig ft. the Cataracs, Robin Thicke ft. T.I., and More of What’s Hot This Week

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The FRXXMASONS are one of my new favorite artists, both musically and image-wise. No one knows who they are, they sent out a ransom note instead of a normal press release, and their only music video contains copious amounts of female nudity (you can find it yourself if you're so inclined). But despite the random way in which they dropped into the scene, their music is nothing to be ignored. With a dirty sound and a smooth vibe, these guys have a great future ahead if they can keep this up.


Muramasa (EP)

Fresh out the UK, MURAMASA just released his self-titled EP, and let me tell you now: this shit is BANGING. It's a new take on trap, and is crafted in such a way that despite the hard hitting instrumentals, it's still an easy listen-through, purely because it's just so damn good. I should also mention that this dude is like 16, making this all the more impressive.


Decamash (Sharkf3ng Mashup)

Sharkf3ng has been getting a lot of blog love lately, and it's time that we at BroBible show him some too. His last mashup hit #4 on the Hype Machine “Popular” Chart, and his newest one looks to be following in its predecessor's footsteps, and then some. Get buck wild with “Decamash” and feel bad because you'll never have as much DJ talent as this kid who hasn't even graduated high school yet.


Martin Solveig & The Cataracs – “Hey Now feat. Kyle”

I swear that Martin Solveig has a formula written down somewhere that allows him to convert summer into music, because that's exactly what this is. “Hey Now” feat. KYLE (another summer-geared musician) is the perfect dance anthem for the upcoming months, and I can't wait to hear this blasted at some barbecues.


Robin Thicke – Blurred Lines ft. T.I., Pharrell

Robin Thicke released this video just after JT dropped “The 20/20 Experience”, almost as if he was trying to compete. And damn it all if he's not some great competition for Timberlake. The two have often been compared and noted as similar, but Thicke sets himself apart in his video for his new track “Blurred Lines”, featuring T.I. and produced by hit-maker Pharrell. Here's the link to the clean video, but I should also note that there's an unedited video out there too. Do what you want with that information.


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