Police Believe a Batch of Molly Mixed with Bath Salts Caused the Deaths at Electric Zoo

By 09.12.13

The DEA is speaking out about the dangers of molly since the drug's rampant popularity with a younger generation has made production sketchier and sketchier. Some important pull-quotes from the Post: 

“Kids think ‘Molly’ is a pure, safe ecstasy, but it’s not,” said DEA Special Agent Erin Mulvey. “It’s not pure, it’s not safe and it’s not even ecstasy.”

“We’re seeing a proliferation of it,” citywide Special Narcotics Prosecutor Bridget Brennan told The Post. “We urgently need a law that would allow us to prosecute the sale of this deadly substance.”

Think, kids. Is a bag that's a giant question mark worth it? 

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[H/T: Gohamist/ED]

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