Moon Boots, Misterwives, and What’s Hot This Week

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Kidd Rusell – All Around the World

What are two of many bros' favorite things? Beer and hip hop! Kidd Russell knows this, and that's why he's started a new bi-weekly YouTube series by that very title. Every video is meant to be enjoyed with a brew in hand, and if the first two videos are any indication of what's to come, this is absolutely something to set aside some time to crack open a cold one and listen to. So far, he's remixed swaggy bro Justin Bieber's “All Around the World”, flipping it into a dope reggae beach-ready jam working in some slick but socially aware lyrics that'll leave even a skeptic impressed. Definitely stay tuned for what this homie has in store for us.


Chris Borelli – Hyperbolic Time Chamber

Chris Borelli was one of the artists we told you to watch out for this summer, and his new mixtape's done nothing but prove us right. “Hyperbolic Time Chamber” is without a doubt one of the smartest projects I've heard all year. The lyrics showcase Borelli's intense self-awareness and his willingness to sacrifice everything to succeed. But unlike so many artists, he balances perfectly his belief that he will ultimately succeed with, at times crippling self-doubt, lending another dimension to the tape, and giving the listener an engaging and relatable listening experience. Borelli does a superb job with production, coupling hard hitting beats with simple piano melodies, which simultaneously fills out and streamlines the track. Take a listen and see for yourself.


ETML – Bind Me

I have to give all credit for this find to my buddy, Nick, of Beautiful Majestic Dolphin. He put me onto this great track, which he classifies as “deep house garage”, by young London native, ETML. This dude isn't even out of high school yet, and that means great things for anyone who likes good music, because if this is his “early” work, I can only imagine where he's going to go from here. Check out the trancy, soothing sounds of “Bind Me”, by ETML.



The other week we had a family reunion and one of my cousins that I'd literally never met before put me on to this, and bless him for doing so because I've been bumping these dudes nonstop since. MisterWives have a very different sound, fusing pop with soul with dance with folk, like the world's best music smoothie. Check out the tracks on their Sound Cloud, and be sure to listen to several of them, because each one has its own distinct vibe.


CAM Wells – Life of a Dream
It's like everyone I know decided that this was the week to show me new shit, but I'm not complaining, because if Twirl hadn't showed me this vid, I wouldn't be able to share it with y'all. CAM Wells is currently a high school senior, and there's a good chance that he might be one again next year, and not because he failed his classes. Apparently his school wasn't too happy with the bud and booze in his videos, and they're trying to fail him for doing his thing. Regardless, the kid has talent. His flow is slicker than butter, and with a little work on his lyrics, he could do pretty well for himself. Check out an example of the “offending material” here.


Moon Boots – Backyard Boogie Mix

Tis the season to have cookouts, falalalala lalalala. In honor of the best season of the year and the primo backyard shenanigans that go down during it, Moon Boots released an easy-listening super mix that'll have you grooving like it's 19… 70? 80? I dunno, grooving like it's not the 2000s. Throw this mix on and you're set for a solid 45 minutes. Thanks Moon Boots!

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