A Map of the Most Hated Music Artists in Each State

By 03.01.14



Earlier this week, we showed you a map from Paul Lemere’s blog Music Machinery breaking down the most popular band/musical act from each state. The same group of data-geeks now presents a map of each state’s least favorite — “or most ignored” — artist.

The results are pretty shocking: 15 states really have a grudge against R. Kelly. The elite coastal douchebags in New York and California want nothing to do with Luke Bryan. Virginia, South Carolina, Oklahoma, and, uh, Hawaii, are on their 19th nervous breakdown with The Rolling Stones. Five states can’t stand Bob Marley. Pennsylvania, get your shit together with that 2Pac hate.

Let’s be honest: The only state that really wins this map is Illinois and Vermont. Only Chris Brown is worthy of this much national hate.

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