Dave Matthews Band Just Debuted Three New Songs At Their 25th Anniversary Show, Raised $1 Million For Charity

By 05.09.16


Last night the Dave Matthews Band celebrated their 25th anniversary at John Paul Jones Arena in the hometown of Charlottesville, Virginia. All the proceeds from the sold-out show went to charity, raising a total of $1 million for local Charlottesville charities. Good looks as always, Dave and company.

The audience was treated to a monster set of DMB classics, opening with a “Song That Jane Likes” (first time as an opener since 1994!), blasting through a “One Sweet World”, “#41”, “Don’t Drink The Water”, “What Would You Say”, “Warehouse”, “Jimi Thing”, etc. On top of the mainstays from the songbook, there were three notable bust-outs:  Three brand new DMB tunes.

There’s nothing better than new Dave Matthews tunes in the summer, especially if you’re a true Bro who knows how to rock the shit out of a generic, slightly frayed white college baseball hat. Here are the three new DMB tunes debuted in Charlottesville last night, via Live For Live Music:

“Samurai Cop”

“Bob Law”

Not to be confused with Bob Loblaw..


Here’s the full set, via Live For Live Music x Setlist.FM:

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