New Music You Should Know About: Trey Palms, Bramzwig, Mister Loveless, Eu4ya, and more

By 07.31.12

Eu4ya – Alive and Beautiful (Krewella x Swedish House Mafia ft. Coldplay & Chris Brown)

This mashup/remix is the perfect banger for your pregame or party.

Mister Loveless – Wild Summer

This rock group’s sound is heavily influenced by the Pixies and the Smiths, evident in their latest, “Wild Summer”.

Bramzwig – Newer York

Bramzwig’s tracks have shown up on our new music you should know about posts for a while now, and tracks like “Big Spender” off the new mixtape are examples of his mastery of hip hop.

Shizzy Sixx – Bath Salts

The insanity of this video aside, this may be the best rap I’ve heard about going zombie. Flow sounds like Tinie Tempah at times.

Prince Ollie – Nice To Meet You

Nice to Meet You from Blurby Productions on Vimeo.

Klooney’s Ollie takes a new approach with his first solo release, “Nice To Meet You”, a more laid-back hip hop track.

Cam – Understand

Cam spits over a simple beat, with a flow that sounds similar to Wale.

Bailee Moore – The Good Vibration

Eat your heart out, boys. Check out the first blonde rapper you’ve ever heard of, who spits and sings over a Ratatat beat.

Trey Palms – City Lights

Rapper Trey Palms goes in on this indie electro beat (Aeroplane – Paris). The track has the perfect mix of energetic and chill vibes, and the sample brings intriguing elements to the song.

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