Pearl Jam Stopped Playing ‘Daughter’ Mid-Song to Cover ‘Let It Go’ From ‘Frozen’

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The guys sent this to me to cover because Pearl Jam is my favorite band. To be honest, I’ve never seen Frozen and I’ve maybe only heard half of “Let It Go.” Apparently the song is everywhere and them covering part of it for 40 seconds is a big deal. I don’t know why? Maybe it’s hurting their already declining street cred in the “We have much angst” community. I hate to say it, but I think that ship has already sailed, gang. The entire band is almost 50-years-old and Eddie probably wanted to work this in during “Daughter” because he has two young daughters who may have been in the crowd for all we know. For their sake, I hope Dad struggling his way through it doesn’t ruin the song for them, because Eddie’s voice ain’t what it used to be. Although that might have been his ruthless plan if people are as sick of “Let It Go” as the Internet says they are.

Here’s the full 11-minute video…

And here’s something better than both those videos combined.

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