Pennywise Surprised a Bunch of Bros at Hermosa Beach to Perform ‘Bro Hymn’ on the 4th of July

By 07.09.14

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This is so fucking awesome. Pennywise — my favorite band in the world circa 6th grade, when drawing on my Trapper Keeper in white out was a thing — gave a surprise 4th of July performance on the beach in their hometown of Hermosa Beach, California. A massive group of Bros in board shorts raging their faces off lost their shit when the famous punk group went into “Bro Hymn,” an anthem dedicated to the band’s dead friends, including bassist Jason Thirsk, Tim Colvin, and Tom Nichols who drowned at Hermosa Beach Pier in the late ’80s.

The video of the performance is nothing short of epic. God Bless America, God Bless the Bros, and God Bless Pennywise.

Here’s another version. I’ve watched this like five times. I got chills when they started singing “America, the Beautiful”:

[H/T: Zeke]

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