‘Tangerine Tanned Muskrat Scrotum Skin’–T.I. Delivers An All-Time Rant Against Trump In Defense Of Snoop

by 11 months ago


The tone has changed since 2011 when Snoop Dogg stood onstage at Donald Trump’s Comedy Central Roast and delivered light-hearted barbs about Trump having half his penis size and Snoop’s desire to bang one of Trump’s ex-wives. Six years later, the jabs have gotten a little darker. Snoop was featured in a music video that was released recently that featured him pointing a gun at a Donald Trump look-alike in clown face.

It was aggressive.

Of course Trump responded.

Lil Bow Bow then woke up from his 10 year nap and burst back into relevancy with this mind-numbingly dumb tweet, that has since been deleted.


Bow Wow wasn’t the only one to come to Snoop’s defense, rapper T.I. joined in on the fun with a rant that is as aggressive as it is poetic.


Tangerine Tanned Muskrat Scrotum Skin.


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