The 13 Best College Stoner Rappers

By 02.09.13

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Marc Goone

Easily one of the chillest up and comers in the rap game is Goone. His Twitter is a force unto itself, filled with off the wall quotes that might make you question his sanity, and his music is equally entertaining. Goone’s work reflects the mind of a dude who strives to maintain a balance between intense self-awareness and nonsensically amusing quotes. His tracks alternate between criticizing the hip hop industry for its lack of originality, and just wildin’ out over how much dope he’s moved in the last week. Goone has a quick flow, lyrics that showcase his self-awareness, and a lot to say about why he doesn’t fit the mold – and doesn’t want to. With his sense of humor, sheer talent, and dedication, it’d be shame if he doesn’t blow up.

Check out the video for Goone’s new single “Yung Walter White”


Action Bronson

Bronsolino, the Chef, the king of Queens. This dude’s blown up BIG over the last year or so, and with good reason. He’s been compared to Ghostface Killah, he’s tight with the likes of the Doggfather, and he’s even a gourmet chef – the dude does it all. His raps are smooth, his pop-culture references leave no room for complaint, and his blunt game is tip top. This is the type of shit you wanna bump when you’re cruising around town or just making dinner. Be warned though: the dude is graphic, and he gives no fucks about it.

Give Bronson’s brand new track “STRICTLY 4 THE JEEPS” a listen



An argument could be made to classify these dudes’ music as reggae, but since they’re touring with Hoodie Allen, I’m claiming them as part of the rap game. Aer is unreal, for real. Listening to them is a throwback to the sunny summer days spent chilling with your crew doing absolutely nothing but still having a dope time. Their tracks are chilled out and relaxed – the perfect thing to kick back and blaze to.

“Floats My Boat” floats my boat, and that’s all there is to it.



The dapper rapper is a shining example of how to get shit done whilst living the wake and bake lifestyle. In addition to writing and rapping, G also produces his music himself, and still found time to graduate college – try telling me that’s not dope! Young Gerald has top notch beats, pulling samples from a variety of sources, as well as creating some from scratch. G is en route to take the rap scene by storm, and when he does, rest assured that you’ll feel like a champ for getting in on the ground floor. So burn one, and then vibe to this N’Orleans based artist’s dope work.

Get ratchet to G’s recently released video for “Loaded”, which hit a milli in less than three days.


Sam Adams

Say what you want about how he got there, but these days Sammy’s on top, and it looks like he may be there for a while. But even if you’re not down with his newly pop-inspired sound (which is still pretty damn good), no one can deny that his older stuff, circa “Boston’s Boy”, was the shit. Sammy was one of the original go-to’s for Bro music, and the same tunes that were bangers then, are still bangers now. Perfect for raging to at a party, Boston’s Boy provides tracks that any Bro who respects the classics would burn to.

Check out this bro’s viral video for “All Night Longer” and feel bad about your own parties.


Skizzy Mars

This self-proclaimed douchebag may very well be one, but he’s still a douchebag who knows how to lay down a flawless verse. Mars has a lightly polished, but mostly raw sound coupled with genuine talent, which is lacking in the community right now, and people are noticing him for it. Not even old enough to drink, this kid is already working with some of the best in the game, and has even embarked on a nationwide tour with fellow ganja-lover G-Eazy. Check out Mars’ tracks and see what the hype’s about.

Vibe to young Mars’ hypnotic jam “Douchebag” and revel in the assholery (that’s a word now).


Cal Scruby

The “Boy Genius” is undoubtedly someone to keep an eye on as he continues to release new projects. Coming out of Ohio, an ex-TA, and engineering major he’s not what you might expect for a rapper, but he knows his shit. Like he says, “Got frat bros in tank tops that I can't rock but they fux with me”. Cocky? Maybe. Correct? Damn straight. Scruby’s tunes range from bangers to trance-like verses that’ll leave you ready to down a fifth and finish an eighth. Definitely stay tuned for what he has in store.

If Scruby were writing this, he’d probably tell you to “Fux With Me”. And he’d be right. 


Radical Something

You know that a group who considers the essentials “reefer for two” has to have some solid priorities – and the fact that they also make dope music just solidifies their excellence. Their album “No Sweat” debuted at number 6 on iTunes, and their “Summer of Rad” left music-lovers of all genres begging for more. Comprised of three highly chilled out dudes, and with music that’s perfect for bumming around on a sunny afternoon, or chilling with a honey, Radical Something is definitely a group you want in your musical rotation.

Wannahear some Radical Something? The answer to that is to “Say Yes”.

The Good Husbands

Though none of them are actually husbands, their music is a perfect marriage of genres. With an upbeat pop-esque feel fused with a smooth hip hop flow, these dudes have a unique set-up. The Good Husbands boasts three rappers and a singer, each with their own distinctive voice and style, that all come together to create a layered and impressive product that you can’t help but bob your head to. Oh, and did I mention that they’re from Washington? Northwest hip-hop is in good hands with the Good Husbands.

It’s winter and the weather sucks, but bump some Good Husbands and feel like the flowers are “In Bloom”.


Chance the Rapper

He calls himself a rapper, but between you and me, the dude is underselling himself. Chance isn’t just a rapper – he’s an artist. There are far too many rappers that try to claim their work is art, when it’s absolute garbage. Chance is not one of those rappers. With a melody-driven flow and a voice unlike anyone else’s, Chance has one of the most recognizable sounds out there, and it’s simply a matter of time before he hits the big time. In fact, chances are Chance is your favorite rapper’s favorite underground rapper, and if you give him a listen, he might just become yours too.

Check out the brand new video for “Juice” off his upcoming album “AcidRap”.


A throwback to the ‘90s, A2Z is a budding emcee who truly understands the term “lyricist”. Every track reeks of talent and hard work, showing an artist with a clear understanding of the art of rhyming. Self- aware and sometimes self-deprecating, the young rapper’s honesty is a breath of fresh air. A2Z doesn’t claim to be any bigger or badder than he really is, and though he’s still honing his craft, the kid’s got punchlines that could lay out Mike Tyson.

Give a listen to A2Z’s brand new track, “I Live Life”, off his upcoming album, “Suburban Legend”.


The larger (literally) member of the recently dissolved rap group “Das Racist” made music independently even when the group was together, and now that he’s got nothing but time on his hands, we can expect him to come up with even more ridiculously out there tracks. With cleverly obscure references and a general disregard for the norm, Heems is already a trip and half to listen to sober, and is an experience unto himself when baked. Definitely one of the bigger names on this list, but fortunately for me, he hasn’t hit it big yet, so I can still slot him in here as underground.

Get silly to some Heems and learn all about “Womyn”.


Sam Lachow

Another Northwest name, Sammy does it all – he raps, edits, produces, and directs. Oh, and did I mention that he smokes only the dankest of the dank? Sam knows exactly what he wants to do: smoke and make music, and I must say – he’s good at both. He’s got beats that’ll have you vibing like Eminem in the last battle of “8 Mile” and lyrics that’ll have you rapping along. Sammy’s just a young dude trying to have some fun, and he’s down to bring you along for the ride. Just light up, listen, and enjoy.

Yo, after all this work, I’m mad hungry. How about some “Banana Goo Pie”?

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