Tupac Shakur’s Last Words Finally Revealed 18 Years After His Death

By 05.23.14


Tupac Shakur passed away almost 18-years ago. One of the first responds on that ill-fated night was police officer Chris Carroll, who is now coming forth saying that the last words Tupac Shakur spoke on this earth were directed at him.

According to Carroll’s interview with Vegas Seven.

“I’m asking him, ‘Who shot you? What happened? Who did it?’ And he was just kind of ignoring me. He was making eye contact with me here and there, but he’s trying to yell at Suge. And I kept asking over and over, ‘Who did this? Who shot you?’ And he basically kept ignoring me.”

“All of a sudden in the snap of a finger, he changed. And he went from struggling to speak to an ‘I’m at peace’ type of thing. Just like that.”

“I looked at him and said one more time, ‘Who shot you?’ He looked at me and he took a breath to get the words out, and he opened his mouth, then the words came out: ‘Fuck you.’ After that, he started gurgling and slipping out of consciousness.”

The obvious question is: the fuck took you so long to mention this, Chris? Well, turns out he didn’t want Tupac to become the hero of everyone who wants to tell cops to go fuck themselves.

“The…main reason I didn’t go public with this before is I didn’t want Tupac to be a martyr or hero because he told the cops ‘F*** you.’ I didn’t want to give him that. I didn’t want people to say, ‘Even when the chips were down, his life on the line, he still said “F*** you,” he still wouldn’t talk to the police.’ I didn’t want him to be a hero for that. And now enough time has passed, well, he’s a martyr anyway; he’s viewed as a hero anyway. My story, at this point, isn’t going to change any of that.”

You can read the entire interview with Chris Carroll at Vegas Seven.

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