William Beckett, KYLE, and What’s Hot This Week

by 4 years ago

Good pop is like musical soul food, and this'll have you coming back for seconds.


Trapkillaz – HIDEHO

I recently had the misfortune of attending a Great Gatsby themed party, where even the drinks couldn't make up for the overly dressed up and excited guests, but thankfully there was a kickass DJ, and when he dropped this and all the Daisy Buchanans started twerking, it was worth having to dress up as that one brown dude from the movie.


KYLE – Beautiful Loser

Remember that fateful day when you stepped outside and the girl next door, the one you used to use as your backup date to parties became the hottie next door and all of a sudden you didn't even want to leave her bedroom, let alone go to party? That's the best way I can describe KYLE's newest album. Leading up to the release of “Beautiful Loser”, he put out consistently solid singles, but the album as a whole – to go back to the girl next door metaphor – I'd fuck it all night long.


Strange Talk – Picking Up All The Pieces (Ta-Ku Remix)

I find that when people say that a certain type of music is becoming formulaic, that they are simply not listening to the right pieces within that genre, and for anyone who says EDM is all the same, suck on this.

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