Xaphoon Jones Talks New Mixtape, Tour, and Dining with Spacewolves

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What has influenced your progression as a producer since mixtape vol. 2?

Most of XJ mixtapes volumes 1 and 2 are mashups I made when I was 17 & 18 years old. When I was younger, Girl Talk was one of my heros. (Don't get it twisted, he definitely still is.) From a DJing perspective, they can still make people go nuts, but from a production perspective, it's kind of boring for me now. I want to make things no one else can, and try things no one has ever tried. To put it briefly – Currently, original production is a lot more interesting to me.

What was the vision behind XJV3, and why is it the last mixtape?

The vision is, “let me put out all these remixes / bootlegs I've made for free”. The reason it's ending is because people are now paying me to remix their songs! I gotta eat food and stuff, and making remixes for people is a great way to do that.

I'm definitely still gonna put out free mixtapes but this is the last one that's gonna be a 'Smorgasbord', a whole bunch of random tunes. The mixtapes I do for free in the future will have themes. Always wanted to do a David Bowie mixtape.

What’s a must-have on your tour rider? Most ridiculous thing you’ve ever listed?

I mean, the equipment is the only must-have but ice tea and hummus is nice. Good local food is always the best.

I'll (probably) never DJ a frat again (Sorry, all you bros out there. I will change my mind for lots of $$$), but when I did I used to put white Nike sneakers and banana Snapple. It's the hardest Snapple to find. But it is the best.

What’s the most embarrassing thing you routinely rock out to?

I'm not embarrassed by it but I routinely 'rock out' to the original soundtrack of 'Muppet Treasure Island'.

Where do you want to be ten years from now?

Producing music in my own recording studio, the greatest and most weird and excellent recording studio of all time.

70 years from now in a retirement home who are the five people you want eating at your table with you? Who don’t you want there?

Four friends and possibly Kanye West. That would be great. If Kanye is dead / frozen, I would love any of the following producers there: Hot Sugar, 2 inch punch, Yuri Beats, Diplo, Lunice, or really anyone who makes beats and/or is a lovely person.

Not allowed at my table: futuristic Hitler Clones, Mel Gibson's preserved head in a jar, SpaceWolves.

Imagine how sick the future is gonna be!!! I'm psyched. SpaceWolves are allowed, I take it back.

Name an artist that you want to break/gain more recognition.

Theodore Grams.

What’s next as far as touring?

Well, it's Autumn, so that means it's College / University time again.

How much of your time is spent touring/producing as a part of Chiddy Bang and how much is devoted to your independent performing and production?

I'm pretty much constantly on the road with Chiddy, but I use weeks off here and there to make beats and DJ. Looking forward to doing more of that this Fall.

Tell us something about Chiddy that he wouldn’t want us to know.

He snores? Deeply? He doesn't have a driver's license? I dunno man, he's a pretty chill dude. Not gonna spill beans on my peeps. No snitching.

You have 5 minutes on national television: what do you rant about?

Poverty & Education. Everyone start smashing furniture! Riot!!

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