5 Best Straight Razors For Beginners Looking To Make The Switch

By 09.20.16
Straight Razor Shave Beginners


A few months ago, my monthly subscription boxfrom Alpha Outpost included a straight razor. I’d toyed with the idea of switching to a straight razor for months, never pulling the trigger on a purchase because I didn’t know where to start.

Eventually, I tried the straight razor on my neck and it’s been amazing. (Note – I only shave my neck because I have a beard). I highly recommend straight razor shaving to any beginners considering the switch but first read up on the “how to” of shaving with a straight razor.

Before diving into our suggestions, here are some buying tips for straight razor beginners.

Straight Razor Buying Tips For Beginners

TIP #1: It’s critical that the new razor is shave ready, which means it has been professionally honed, so beginners to straight razor shaving should buy a new razor instead of a vintage piece until they have experience.

TIP #2: A beginner should choose a 5/8 inch width razor, which is a size that is comfortable to hold and maneuver for most people, as you learn the basics and become more comfortable shaving with a straight.

TIP #3: For the beginner razor, choose a blade between $100-$125. Straight razors are priced by the grade of the steel, size and shape of the blade and materials. Don’t invest in straight razor shaving before knowing if your face, and lifestyle, will mesh with the new way of shaving.

Here are some of our favorite straight razor shaving kits for beginners and experienced shavers. The razors are included in sets containing all of the essential tools a beginner need for a solid straight razor shave the first time and every time.

Shave Ready Straight Razor Set Value

Shave Ready out of the box full

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Dovo Half Hollow Straight Razor Shaving Set

Dovo 5:8%22 Half Hollow Best Quality Straight Razor Shaving Set

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Colonel Conk Straight Razor Set with Santa Fe Bowl

Colonel Conk Model 2316 Straight Razor Set with Santa Fe Bowl

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A.P. Donovan Straight Razor Set

A.P. Donovan Shaving Kit


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Deluxe All Wood Straight Razor with Ultimate GBS Shave Set

Deluxe All Wood Straight Razor with Ultimate GBS Shave Set

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