Betches Love This Thinks Our Gift Guide For Your Girlfriend Sucks

By 12.07.12

Hey Brandon,


Now, not to be too critical despite the fact that you didn't include the amazing “Nice is Just a Place in France: How to Win at Basically Everything” in your list of holiday favorites, I have to say (and I really hope you're not offended) that the list you provided kind of sucked. From suggesting guys get girls a Nike Fuelband to a sports jersey to Tiffany (a brand most girls associate with nametags from their bat mitzvahs) I have to say you totally missed the mark on this one.

If you want a revised list or at least some suggestions, I'd be glad to help. Again, no offense but 90% of the items on that list would horrify any normal, straight girlfriend.

Again, I mean no offense!




Ladies, your opinion? Does our gift guide for girlfriends suck? Let us know in the comments. Dudes, go pre-order the new Betches book for your lady: ​”Nice is Just a Place in France: How to Win at Basically Everything.” It's the only thing she actually needs this holiday. 

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