Brooks Brothers Announces Plans to Sell College Apparel For First Time in Brand’s 200-Year History

By 06.27.11

15. The U.S. Naval Academy
14. Stanford
13. Georgia
12. Vanderbilt
11. Alabama
10. Cornell
9. Virginia
8. Auburn
7. Ohio State
6. Princeton
5. Georgetown
4. Boston College
3. NYU
2. Notre Dame
1. Harvard

More details via Bloomberg:

The agreement between Brooks Brothers, a unit of closely held Retail Brand Alliance Inc., and the college division of IMG Worldwide Inc., the sports agency owned by buyout specialist Ted Forstmann, allows for the sale of merchandise from 15 schools. The merchandise line is a vehicle for Brooks Brothers to reach fans of college sports who, according to IMG, earn more money than followers of any professional sport, including the National Football League.

“The key for us is re-establishing our connection with what we call the college community — students, faculty and alumni,” Karl Haller, vice president of strategy and business development for Brooks Brothers, said in a telephone interview. “We have a pretty well-educated customer and there’s a built-in opportunity with alumni who are already our customer base.”

Just how much more do the aforementioned college sports fans earn vs. “followers of any professional sport, including the National Football League” exactly?

According to ESPN, there are about 172 million college sports fans in the U.S. About 20 percent of them earn more than $100,000 a year; 12 percent make $100,000-$150,000; and 8 percent earn more than $150,000, said Scott Bouyack, senior vice president for brand and business development at IMG College, which represents more than 75 percent of top-tier football schools and almost half of men’s and women’s basketball programs.

“As stewards of the college brand, we long looked at Brooks Brothers as an ideal partner in terms of a retail outlet that targets a key group of alumni and a demo that fits with the college market,” Bouyack said in a telephone interview.

What school would you like to see added to the Brooks Brother's collection?


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