Broverview: Samsung Galaxy S III

By 07.12.12

The Samsung Galaxy s3 is a cool, exciting new phone, but would it make your life easier or worse?

Drunk texting: when you’re sober, the 4.8-inch Super AMOLED HD screen is interactive and truly amazing to use. Predictive Text won’t let you speak in jive, but it also cleans up your messages and you start using real words again. There is also drag texting where you don’t even lift a finger to type a word. But remember you aren’t sober when you have to drunk text someone. I found 4 people who were on a high level of the smashed scale. Each of them tried very hard to type the phrase, “Hey, babe, wanna chill later.” This is what I got.

1. Guys have karts chick Kane yr rtf
2. Hue babe k gets chill master
3. Hey vs broverview lets chill sky r
4. Try busty let children life

Then I got one guy to use the drag text function Left vlog veto forge horses.

Sometimes I don’t understand what auto correct is thinking. 

Although the sample phrase, “Hey, babe, wanna chill later.” didn’t successfully  come across, the phrases beat the iphone attempt, which always seem to send the wrong message instead of an incoherent one. “Get banded, chill later”

Taking Photo's at a Concert.  The S III scored major points for this one. In fact its the best quality camera on a phone i have seen yet. It has an anti shake feature which works great if your in the front rows like the photo below. The S III also comes with a built in app for editing photos. This is like Instagram, but it isn't a third party app.

Getting Home with a Group of Drunk Girls. It's that time of night where you're heading home with a group of girls, whether you are going to bang them all or just one, this time they are drunk and incapable of making full sentences. So its your turn to find your way home. With the GPS locator and the fast 4G speeds you will get back in no time. It takes your location and then you enter your destination in. There are options for walking, driving, biking and even public transit. Helpful for when you didn't even know the city you are in has it.

Finally, the Durability Test. With a huge screen and thin body you would think that this thing would break in at the slightest drop. It survived being dropped on the ground , being stepped on, danced on and whatever else you would find on the ground at a concert. It survived minor beer spills but wasn't submerged.

Overall this phone worked very well in the hands of an active bro, and gets the thumbs up from us.






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