Get 58% Off These Unbreakable Duduma Polarized Sunglasses For The Next Hour Only

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You know what you look like you need? My unsolicited opinion about your sunglasses! For whatever reason, any kind of sunglasses always look good on my stupid face. For that reason, I’ve come across my fair share of frames over the years and they’ve all failed in one area: durability.

These fragile little frames that I call my friends are meant to withstand the weight of my hungover body accidentally stepping on them in the morning, and I’ve lost too many a pair to that fight. Enter: Duduma Tr603s.

These sport frames promise an UNBREAKABLE frame that’ll last through boat days, summer booze binges, and just about anything you throw their way. BUT BE QUICK!! They’re 58% off only for the next hour!

Duduma Tr603 Unbreakable Frame Polarized Sunglasses

These sunglasses have all the basic necessities required of a decent pair of sport shades. They’re polarized, UV400-protected to keep your eyes safe from sun’s rays, and they’ve got gripping rubber on the frames to ensure no slips.

What makes these truly special is the fact that they’re unbreakable, obviously. The lenses actually have seven layers: the first one is strictly polarization tech, two and three are adhesive layers for durability purposes, layer 4 and 5 make up the UV protection, and the last two are shatterproof layers. How’s that for durable, huh?


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