An EAZY-E AIR FRESHENER, Plus 10 Things We Want

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Eazy-E and Dr. Dre Air Fresheners, $5

Let's get right to it: “Hanging with the Homies” has released Eazy-E and Dr. Dre air fresheners, perfect to drop right from the rear-view window of your 6-4. Eazy smells like Apple, the Doctor sports “Black Ice.” Neither scent, evidently, is a euphemism for a chronic strand—but that squandered opportunity aside, both air fresheners will bring a certain street cred your car needs.

How can you possibly blast Miley Cyrus with Eazy boring holes through his trademark dark sunglasses? You fucking can't. Put on NWA now.

Topps Baseball Card Archive Prints, $65

A Topps card blown up to poster size—a classy and nostalgic update on the childhood posters you couldn't fit in the new apartment.


Want to take down this $26 monstrosity? You have to fly to Kyoto, Japan. And find the Engrish-influenced restaurant “Pizza Little Party.”

Yes, it's unfortunately true: Nowhere in the States can you find an entrepreneur with the ingenuity and can-do spirit to hold together two 11-inch pizzas with grilled beef patties sandwiched in between. This is, truly, the decline of America. THANKS, OBAMA.

Golf Board, $3,350

Laird Hamilton, the surfer who's taken down some of the biggest and baddest waves in his sport's history, now turns his eyes to something a little more earth-bound: The Golf Board, a golf cart-snowboard hybrid that uses its 3.5 inch turf tires to cut through the gnarliest rough, while still protecting even the most water-sogged fairways. 

You operate the Golf Board with a handheld controller and you transfer your weight—just like a snow or surfboard—to make turns. Its traction has been compared to a car's, so you're probably not going to topple over if you're playing on mountainous terrain.

The golf board ultimately means one awesome thing: You not only getting to play 18, you can essentially ride a 7,000-yard wave in the process. Laird hasn't let us down.

Dogfish Head 120 Minute IPA Beer, $12

So, Dogfish Head: Every bro's favorite craft brewery, right? The Delaware-based brand is consistently delicious, and it's accessible to just about anyone. 

120 Minute IPA has been brewed for over a decade. Supplies, though, have long been limited. Find one before the summer's end. And get ready for a few more hops than your typical domestic.

Complete Beer Course Book, $18

Speaking of beer! The Complete Beer Course Book offers a “boot camp for beer geeks,” including 12 courses that will make you more knowledgeable in the art of beer-tasting. Booze samples not included.

Mini Weapons of Mass Destruction, $13

Defend your cubicle from invaders, vandals, and Cheryl in HR: Mini Weapons of Mass Destruction is a series of short books that delivers detailed instructions for creating catapults, blowguns and crossbows with materials found in every office (think scotch tape, clothes pins, and millions of rubber bands.

MYND Calendar, Free

MYND is an iOS calendar that doesn't just show you upcoming appointments—it actually claims to provide you with a complete picture of your day, alerting you in a cool, almost-futuristic way when you need to run to a meeting, any relevant Linkedin details about the person you're meeting, and how long you should budget for transit time.

When MYND isn't alerting you, its dashboard is still super-useful, showing upcoming appointments, people you should get in touch with, and the weather in an easy-to-see view. 

iPhone 5S, $TBD

Apple is expected to drop the next iteration of the iPhone on Sept. 10. What should you expect? Gizmodo has a solid rumor roundup. (Think: An option for a gold phone. No, really.)

Skullcandy Headphones, $59.95


Just released as part of a retail exclusive at Target, surfer Kolohe Andino's signature Skullcandy headphones provide a cool look, colorways “reminiscent of classic cars,” and terrific sound at a not-so-high cost. Surfers: Keep your beach style while grinding away in a cubicle. 

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