The Gillette Fusion ProGlide Styler

By 08.31.12

According to a recent GQ survey, 53% of chicks preferred guys to have a little facial hair rather than be clean-shaven. However, those surveys and preferences have their caveats. For example, women who prefer facial hair require that it’s well kept, meaning no patches, crust, food, or other identified substances hanging in your side chops, ‘stache or scruff.

It also just so happens that one of the more underrated privileges of college is that you only have to shave whenever you damn please so you can play up to the preferences of the babes around you, but also have to keep it tight.



With all the various products on the market, from beard-trimmers, to all-in-one’s, to straight-blades, detailing is always the biggest challenge in keeping up the facial hair. Above and below the ‘stache, either side of the soul patch, and the neckline all require a sharper pencil. At only $19.99, the ProGlide Styler is about as good as it gets for the money. It did everything I needed with no over cuts or slip ups. 

That said, I’d keep this one away from the franks, beans and crevices, though. Not only because manscaping with your face trimmer an absolutely atrocious use of judgment, but also because it’ll be tough explaining to your bros how you got pink eye from your razor. Check it out here

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