Remember to Hook a Bro Up By Voting For Your Favorite J.J. Threads Shirt!

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Last week we gave our readers a chance to win up to 5 custom J.J. Threads shirts by designing your own shirt. We received some incredible submissions, so we decided that five finalists just weren't enough. So we bumped it up to 10 (9 now because we didn't hear back from the 10th) for you to vote on your favorite. So check out the 9 finalists and vote for your favorite shirt. Remember the winner will receive five custom shirts of his choosing, so you'll really be hooking a bro up for voting. The runner-up will receive three custom shirts and third place will receive one custom shirt. All BroBible readers will receive a 30% discount to buy his dream shirt at J.J. Threads. Just use this passcode: BroThreads.


9. Wild 4th! Custom Dress Shirt

Mitchell Chapman (mchapma1): ” I would wear my custom JJ Threads for the fourth of july weekend down in nantucket. Me and my buddies got a place for the summer and this would be perfect beach and nightlife attire for a wild 4th! “

8. Panty Soup Custom Dress Shirt

Ian Bjornson (IanBJ): “This shirt is for beauties only. The pink is casual and laid back, while the white collar and cuffs smack you in the face with class. Toss in the blue inner collar and inner cuff and its game over. First date with a rocket? Job interview? Throw this on and only two words can describe the outcome: Panty Soup. “

7. Brogan1 Custom Dress Shirt

Brendan Rogan (Brogan1): “I'd wear this badboy while I'm sailing this summer in the waters of Casco Bay, Maine. “

6. Cotton Candy Custom Dress Shirt

Thomas DiGennaro (Thomasdigennaro): “I call this shirt Cotton Candy. Everyone has heard the saying that tough guys wear pink. I would like to take this one in another direction. Bros wear pink because they don't give a F**K. With the concert fever that plagues everyone each summer, a bros sole goal is to hookup with as many chicks as he can. We all know how rowdy concert chicks can get, and with that being said, the best way to get with them is simply by standing out. When they look across the lawn a drunken stare(whether or not it is fake) you will be the one who reaps the benefits and possibly have sloppy concert sex in the bathroom, Im not judging. The point is, every bro could use a shirt like this, and lets face it, who doesn't like cotton candy? “

5. Straight Sex Custom Dress Shirt

George Trosley (grtrosle): “Where and when I'd where this shirt you ask? Well let's just say I'd wear this just about anywhere I plan on getting some ass. It's a nice clean, crisp, and “chill” look but also gives off the sense that you're sophisticated and you're not a jackass.Your odds of getting ass increase exponentially here, when you out and around a bunch of clowns dressed in some goofy ass Polo Chaps chino you look like the man. The inside collar and cuffs are just straight sex. So without further adieu, here is “The Straight Sex” shirt.”

4. Cougar Hunter Custom Dress Shirt

Ryan Sudduth (FratCommander286): “I want to wear this wih some rad chubbies while im raging with my bro's on the hunt for some cougars! “


3. Wetness Custom Dress Shirt

John Tustin (Tustino) “I'm going to wear this shirt where ever i plan on making panties wet, which is everywhere, everytime i go out. It's a summer casual look with a touch of sophistication. “

2. Drink Up, Lads Custom Dress Shirt

Michael Barrett (mrbarrett16): “This shirt should be worn by the true Irishman seeking to radiate pure Guinness beer style beauty at a Summer BBQ or other relaxed outdoor social event. The dark main color represents Guinness's dark ale with a creamy foam collar straight from the tap. Of course a true Irish shirt needs shamrocks which remain nestled in the shirt's inner cuff. Drink up lads… “

1. Bitches Love Flowers Custom Dress Shirt

Taylor Wagner (MadFratter): “I'll wear this to any afternoon summer gathering that I want to increase both my chill and pull at. Show the ladies my big hat with the nice white collar threads so I can bring them home and show them the cattle. Bitches love flowers. “

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