Injured Bro Able to Chay On Thanks to Ingenious Crutch Koozie

by 7 years ago

A BroBible reader recently sent in this photo to share for the greater good, accompanied by this message:

“So i busted my foot up wake boarding and have to walk around on these crutches. I was at a crab feast when I thought of the idea for this because evrerytime I wanted to socialize with babes and other Bros i would have to ask one of my buddies to carry my beer for me. Just hittin you up with this pic, thought ud like it and it would be a hit amongst Bros.”

We're impressed and damn happy this Bro on the DL is able to keep living the dream and chay on despite his temporary handicapped status. He better go patent it, because we could see these slicky Natty Light koozies being a big hit on sidelines and nursing homes across the country. What's the most ingeniousand clutch Bro-vention you've come up with while injured? Send your pics to joepa@brobible and Sound Off in the comments.

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