For Some Reason, Japanese Create Flying Gun-Carrying Robot

by 5 years ago

Called Kuratas, it stands 13-feet tall and weighs a hefty 4.5 tons. You want firepower? It shoots 6,000 ball bearings per minute.

The massive robot is controlled either by a human pilot in a mid-torso cockpit or by a smartphone connected to a 3G network, and was unveiled at the Wonder festival in Tokyo on Monday.

The diesel-powered machine could, it was claimed, be used as a trundling “ecofriendly” weapons system (top speed 6.2mph) – or customised for more peaceful functions such as firefighting or cleaning, according to designers at Suidobashi Heavy Industry.

As J. Camm so brilliantly points out, Kurtatas already has its own theme song. The franchising potential is already being realized.


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