NCAA Football 13 Allows You to Rewrite History with Heisman Winners

by 5 years ago

If Tim Tebow hadn’t played for Florida and instead plied his unique brand of passing and thunderstruck running for Florida State, Hall of Fame coach Bobby Bowden could have gone out on a high note. Instead of Tebowing, the lefty would be Seminole Chopping on the sidelines. And perhaps, just maybe, the ACC would still be relevant.

If Roger Staubach had served in the Army instead of Navy, the balance of power between our nation’s two most patriotic schools would have been skewed forever. He may have never gone to Vietnam and won even more Super Bowls for the Dallas Cowboys.

If Doug Flutie had gone to Miami instead of Boston College, we’d be without one of the greatest Hail Mary plays in football history. Perhaps with a bigger stage on which to perform, his underdog persona wouldn’t have existed. And most importantly, we may never have tasted the deliciousness that is a hearty bowl of Flutie Flakes.

If BYU great Ty Detmer had gone to Utah, his Mormon faith may have suffered.

If Cam Newton had gone to Florida—oh, wait. Nevermind.

If Ernie Davis had attended Notre Dame instead of Syracuse, the casting director of “The Express” would have gone a totally different route.

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