A Sh*tty Pittsburgh Tribune-Review Headline and Your Weekend Buzz

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  • Kate Upton and 25 Other Women Who Deserve Their Own Trading Cards. [Bleacher Report]
  • 36 Hot Girls In the Middle of Nowhere. [The Chive]
  • Troy Aikman Girlfriend: Dallas Cowboys Legend Proves He Still Has Monster Game. [Bleacher Report]
  • The 6 Ballsiest Sports Cheats of All Time. [Cracked]
  • Top 10 Frattest MLB Players. [TFM]
  • Five Girls You’ll Meet at a Music Festival. [Maxim]
  • Woah, check out what this Russian painter did. [The Chive]
  • 10 Definitive Jules Winnfield GIFs. [Uproxx]
  • Spank Bank: Cali Logan. [Gorilla Mask]
  • How To Impress Russian Women. [College Humor]
  • The 20 Hottest Photos Of April Rose (pics). [Heavy]
  • 5 Girls You’ll Meet at the Avengers Premiere. [Holy Taco]
  • 9 Nostalgia Inducing Cereals From Your Childhood. [Regretful Morning]
  • Letters Home From Finals Week… [College Humor]
  • The Presidential Pound: 15 Photos Of Obama Fist-Bumping. [Uproxx]
  • Facebook Fails: 15 of the dumbest status updates ever. [TruTV]
  • Nick Offerman Shares His 10 Secrets To Life At Tulane. [Uproxx]
  • 5 Creepy Superhero Origin Stories The Movies Wisely Left Out. [Cracked]
  • Paris Hilton looks like hell. [CelebSlam]
  • New Zealand College Kids Invent Best/Worst Drinking Game Ever. [TFM]
  • Game Of Thrones Inspired Beers. [Next Round]
  • 10 of the worst sports nicknames ever. [Guyism]
  • Ali Larter In Skin-Tight Jeans Is Booty Hotness Heaven. [Popoholic]
  • ‘What The F*** Is Michael Jordan Wearing?’ [Uproxx]
  • Weed and wine have finally come together in one product. [Guyism]
  • 3 Mistakes Women Make When Dealing With Men. [Cracked]
  • Man’s amazing transformation is just the inspiration you need (Video). [The Chive]
  • HOT: Bridget Blonde Can Has Cheezburger. Any Time She Wants. [Smoking Jacket]
  • 15 Tequila Drinks That Are Better Than The Margarita. [Mandatory]
  • 25 Ways Jason Stathan Can Kill You. [Unreality]
  • Cat Training For Men, 101. [DoubleViking]
  • Maryna Linchuk’s Awesome Bikini Hotness. [Hollywood Tuna]
  • The Truth About Dropouts: Is Success Really That Easy? [AskMen]
  • The Best And The Worst NHL Fan Tattoos. [MTV]
  • Letizia Filippi Bikini Pictures. [Doubleviking]
  • Jennifer Love Hewitt just… Ew. [CelebSlam]
  • Wait, Deion Sanders Has A Kitchen In His Master Bathroom? And Dishwasher? [Busted Coverage]
  • 15 People Who Have Been Abducted by Aliens. [TruTV]
  • How To Open Bottles Without Bottle Openers. [AskMen]
  • 44 Hot Chicks Without Names. [The Chive]
  • The 50 Worst Seasons in Sports History. [Bleacher Report]

This Red Bull Launchpad thing seems cool. Red Bull's willing to pony up the cash to pay for your ridiculous action sports stunt. Get it done! More details here.

Oh, BTW: Megan Fox works for Sharper Image now. Who would have thunk?

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