The Most Refreshing Beer Can Ever? Plus 10 Things We Want

By 05.03.13

Coors Light Can, $Cheap

You might have missed the buildup. It's okay. But you should know that a serious, violent war is currently brewing: The Beer War. Fought by cheap beer companies, using cans and bottles as their weapons, the Beer War began with Miller Lite's VortexTM bottle a few years ago. Budweiser countered with a “Bowtie” can, which promised to be even weirder and more refreshing. Now, Coors Light has drunkenly thrown its hat into the ring, debuting what it calls the “most refreshing can yet.” It's double-vented with a wide mouth. So you know it's good.

Somewhere, in the Milwaukee's Best headquarters/flop house basement, three scientists begin planning out their response. Step one: Start brewing real beer.

Wool & Prince, $98

When you're out here in the Real World, one of the most annoying things you deal with is dry cleaning. Here are two reasons out of a possible 5,000:

1.) They're NEVER open when you need them to be. (Which makes no sense—what cubicle monkey, exactly, is picking up his dry cleaning at 2 p.m. on a Wednesday? Don't open then and push that closing hour to 9 p.m., for the love of God. Anyway.)

2.)The constant washing starts to add up. All those dress shirts, pants, suits… Many of my friends with real(er) jobs routinely walk away with $50 bills.

Wool & Prince are a couple of, uh, princes for this: They've designed a dress shirt that, they promise, can be worn a disgusting 100 times without washing. They even say it remains odor-free and wrinkleless. I'd be lying if I said I wasn't skeptical. But this might be worth checking out.

MInt Julep, Seersucker Suit, $8 and $Around 200

Happy almost Kentucky Derby Day! Here's to you destroying both the above things this weekend.

AL13 iPhone Bumper, $79.99

This product killed it on Kickstarter a few months ago. It's fairly easy to see why: One of the few cases that doesn't overshadow the iPhone itself, the AL13 uses “aerospace aluminum” (just going to assume it's the same as the stuff on the space shuttle) to protect your phone from bumps and scratches.

Hornitos Lime Shot! $19 

Hornitos sponsored an office happy hour last Thursday. Judging by the drastic drop in production on the site Friday, we can safely say Mr. Hornitos provided a very fun time.

Lime Shot is the company's newest flavor. It saves you the trouble of shaking salt on your hands and cutting up a lime, because it's right there in the tequila. Voila. The liquor is smooth, too, and it's made from 100% blue agave, double distilled tequila. Turtle and his Avion buddies might be in for some competition.

Three Blind Mice, $25/month

About 70% of my wardrobe is t-shirts from restaurants and bars. (I like to keep it classy, ladies.)

If you want to get on my level, Three Blind Mice is the way to go. It's a service that ships you, once a month, a t-shirt from an obscure bar located somewhere in the U.S. The company also gives you info on the bar, so you can lie to your friends about that “vacation” you “took” two years ago to “Jackson Hole.”

The link above, by the way, takes you to Three Blind Mice's Thrillist, which is offering the first month free. So you've got no excuse. 

Men's New Balance Windbreaker, $119

It's about the time of the year for a jacket like this, right? Sure. New Balance makes a nice-looking rain jacket. It'll work on the links and off.

Bushnell Tour v3, $299.99

If you have the funds, Bushnell just released the ultimate golf accessory. The Tour V3 removes any “Is this the correct distance?” doubt: When you hit a flag, and only a flag, the Tour V3 vibrates, thanks to its new JOLT technology. And the Tour V3 guarantees accuracy within 1 yard.

Fred Couples Signature Shirt, $70

Three (sort-of) golf items in a row. You can see where our heads are at lately. Fred Couples—undoubtedly one of the five smoothest players in golf history—was recently inducted to the Word Golf Hall of Fame. In his honor, Ashworth is releasing a limited edition “Fred Couples Signature” shirt, which will be individually numbered up to 300, with Fred receiving the first, 1/300.

The shirt is made with Ashworth's EZ-TEC2 performance fabric and is available in Fred's favorite color, azure. It was made available yesterday.

Land Rover Defender LXV Special Edition, $45000

Wouldn't mind taking this off-roading, huh? From Cool Material:

To celebrate their 65th anniversary, Land Rover has introduced the Land Rover Defender LXV Special Edition. Truth be told, it should be titled “Limited Edition” as only 65 of these iconic vehicles will be made. Exterior upgrades include 16 inch “Sawtooth” alloy wheels and Santorini black body color with contrasting roof, grill, and headlight surrounds sprayed Corris Grey. On the inside you will find leather seating with LXV embossed head-rests and orange stitching. And in typical Defender fashion, not much else. Power comes from a 2.2 liter diesel.

See more pics there. Want.

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