Soletron’s A.J. Steigman Challenges Billionaire Venture Capitalist Peter Thiel to a Chess Game

By 07.18.12


Steigman is looking for $1 million dollars if he wins this high stakes chess game (which truly is not that much when you are Peter Thiel and have a net worth of 3 billion).

“I have nothing but absolute respect for Peter,” Steigman says. “He's such an idol in business, chess and corporate philosophy. We're just so evenly matched that it'd be a very tight match.”

Although, Steigman says that he wants to win this match to donate the money to help entrepreneurs start up their companies, we think maybe he has another agenda. Peter Thiel is a god among people with his success in pretty much any endeavor he puts forth effort to. Given the chance to play chess against such a successful man and demolish him with the words “check mate” would be some cool sh*t.

This may be the most interesting chess game of the year…. Or of all time. I do have my money (5 dollars) on Peter Thiel, but do think that he may just be a good sport and throw $1 million Steigman’s way just because… well he can.

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