20 Killer Tech Gifts For Men And Each One Under $100

By 11.21.16


‘Tis the season for trying to find gifts for the bros in your life, which means ‘tis the season for endless frustration and outrage when you realize that killer gift you finally found costs more than you had budgeted for all your holiday shopping combined.

But fear not, dear friends, because as always, we got you. Here are twenty gift ideas for any man, and best of all? They’re all under $100. Just click the link, order and let us make it all better.

Roku Streaming Stick


You can’t go wrong with anything Roku, and their Streaming Stick is the best deal of all. You just plug it into your TV, run through the setup (which is quick and easy) and you’re ready to stream just about anything and everything you can think of. Plus, Roku has hundreds of apps and channels that you can’t find anywhere else. You’d be an idiot not to buy this.
Price: $48.51
Buy Here


Tile Mate


The Tile Mate is a small Bluetooth tracker that you can add to your keyring, or anything else that you find yourself forgetting on the regular. You just use your phone to alert the Tile Mate and it will let you know which couch cushion to dig underneath.
Price: $24.99
Buy Here


Aquiver Wireless Headphones

These wireless headphones come with Bluetooth 4.0 wireless technology, which allows you to connect to just about any system you want, with up to 45 hours of continuous music (60 hours of talk time) before needing to be recharged. Plus, they have a built in pedometer, so you can help yourself keep fit while listening.
Price: $48.99
Buy Here


Logitech G502 Gaming Mouse

This gaming mouse is specifically designed to function for the needs of the serious gamer. It’s biggest feature? It’s tunable, which means that you can customize it to your precise needs and nerd on in bliss.
Price: $57.45
Buy Here


Fire HD 8 Tablet

Amazon’s newest version of its tablet gives you an 8 inch screen and 16 GB of storage for under a hundred bucks, which is a pretty tough deal to beat in the tablet game. Of course, it has a slot to add external storage if you need it, and… did I mention it’s a new model tablet for under $100?
Price: $89.99
Buy Here


Canon MG7720 Wireless All in One Printer, With Scanner and Copier

A printer, a scanner and a copier for only $79? Yeah, this one should pretty much sell itself.
Price: $79.00
Buy Here


Kindle E-Reader

The Kindle’s six inch display is glare-free, so you can read it pretty much wherever, in whatever conditions. Oh, it’s also touchscreen if you’re into that. And, of course, it’s Wi-Fi connected for easy downloading, holds thousands of books, and if you have a Prime membership, you have access to thousands of books for – wait for it – free.
Price: $79.99

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Wahoo TICKER Heartrate Monitor

This neat little device sends info straight to your phone, giving you bio-feedback (real time heart rate, calories burned, etc.) that you can use to create a personalized training regimen. And best of all, it’s easy to integrate with dozens of pre-existing apps.
Price: $39.99
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TOPGEEK Waterproof Action Camera

This 1080P HD action camera lets you go just about anywhere and shoot your escapades without having to break the bank. It’s waterproof so you can take it scuba-diving or snorkeling or underwater sex taping or whatever you kids are into these days, and it comes with accessories which allow you to easily attach it to your bike or helmet or whatever you use to ensure a hands-free experience.
Price: $44.99
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TaoTronics Bluetooth Earbuds

These earbuds are perfect for working out. They come equipped with outside noise reduction technology, and can connect wirelessly with your phone or whatever you use to listen to music while you work out. Work out and listen to music or podcasts or whatever you want without having to worry about your phone jangling alongside of you the whole time.
Price: $30.99
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Garmin vivofit Fitness Band

Instead of paying over $100 for a FitBit, consider the Garmin Fitness Band, which at around 1/3 the price, learns how your body works and then sets up customizable daily goals for you. It also monitors your sleep to ensure you’re not on the verge of choking to death every night, and comes equipped with a “Move Bar”, which is a red bar that pops up after every hour of inactivity so you know it’s time to move around a little.
Price: $39.99
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Anker Astro Portable Chargers

Normally $50, this candy bar sized charger is a great deal, especially for anyone who regularly finds themselves with a dead phone halfway through the day. The Anker Astro is able to detect your device so it knows the fastest way to charge it, and it’s good for around two full charges of your smartphone before you have to juice it back up.
Price: $15.99
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Audio Technica AT-LP60 Fully Automatic Turntable System

Want to go full hipster and spin vinyl records all day? Consider this automatic turntable system, which also has the capacity to connect to your computer and other devices. It’s a perfect blend of vintage and modern.
Price: $89.00
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Wilson Electronics Wide Band Directional Antenna

This handy little device is perfect for all you frustrated people out there that can only get one bar on your phone. Just put it outside, aim it in the direction of the nearest cell tower, and watch your bars go up – and your 3 and 4G speeds increase.
Price: $52.48
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Micca MB42 Bookshelf Speakers

Currently on sale (normally $100) these bookshelf speakers come with a 4 inch carbon woofer and silk dome tweeter. The compact design – as well as the classic color – allows you to get great sound quality without having an ugly monstrosity that is the focus of the entire room.
Price: $58.14
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Amazon Echo Dot

This miniature version of the Amazon Echo is a great deal at only $49.99. All you have to do is set it up, and then tell Alexa to do pretty much whatever you need her to do – play music, order a pizza, check your bank statement, anything really – which is great both for people who need a little help getting their shit together, and anyone who’s desperately lonely.
Price: $49.99
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TP-Link AC750 Wi-Fi Range Extender

Another great deal (normally $70), this is the perfect gift for anyone who’s sick of dealing with dead spots in their Wi-Fi coverage. Whether you want to take your laptop outside, or if you’re just tired of your Netflix being spotty in your bedroom, this is a must-have for the Wi-Fi deficient.
Price: $29.95
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APC Back-UPS Battery Backup and Surge Protector

This handy device serves as both a surge protector – absolutely vital if you don’t want your electronics fried by a lightning strike or other power surge – and as a battery backup in case the lights go out and you’re not done playing Minecraft or, you know, doing important work involving Pornhub.
Price: $59.99
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Seagate Backup 1 TB Portable External Hard Drive for Mac

Everyone who’s ever owned an iPhone knows the pain of getting that “almost out of storage” message. Buy this, and you’ll never have to worry about that again. I mean, 1 TB is a lot of cat pictures, music and, uh, other pictures.
Price: $59.99
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Samsung Gear VR

Most Virtual Reality headsets are still super-expensive, but the Samsung Gear VR is a noticeable exception. The catch is that you can only use it with a Samsung Galaxy phone, but if that’s you or someone you love, why not buy this headset and give them hours and hours of VR fun? Just don’t ask them what they’re using it for.
Price: $99.09
Buy Here

The BroBible team writes about gear that we think you want. Occasionally, we write about items that are a part of one of our affiliate partnerships and we may get a percentage of the revenue from sales.

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