10 Best Ways to Spend Your Christmas Cash

By 12.30.13

1. Mougin & Piquar Watch from J.Crew



This is a great everyday watch for the casual Bro. Whether you're wearing it to class, work, or out at night it never looks out of place. Mougin & Piquard watches have been around for years, but after a hiatus, Tourneau recently brought them back exclusively for J.Crew and the wrists of sophisticated people like yourself. 

Buy it here.

2. Whiskey Stones

Whiskey Stones work really well. They don't dilute the taste of your drink, and if you use them correctly (keeping them in the freezer for the given amount of time and letting the drink sit for five minutes), they do an amazing job of keeping the liquor cold. Just don't try and chew them.

Buy it here

3. P90X3

The Holiday pounds are racking up. Once the New Year hits you're going to need to get your act together and shed all the weight. P90X3 is perfect for that. P90X3 has 16 ALL NEW workouts in a 90-day program that only takes up 30 minutes of your day.

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4. Call of Duty: Ghosts: Collector's Editions (Hardened & Prestige)

Fancy yourself a Call of Duty expert? Then get your hands on one of their Call of Duty: Ghosts Collector's Editions (Hardened & Prestige). Call of Duty: Ghosts is the premier first-person shooter game on the market and both the Hardened and Prestige will take your gaming experience to the next level. 

The Hardened Edition includes:

– Paracord Strap 

– Collectible Steelbook

– Call of Duty: Ghosts Season Pass

– Free Fall Dynamic Bonus Map

– Call of Duty: Ghosts Soundtrack. 

The Prestige Edition (pictured above) includes all of the above plus a 1080P HD Tactical Camera.

Buy it here.

5. Qualcomm Toq


Qualcomm does more than provide a place for Phillip Rivers to grace us with football brilliance—it just released one of the world's first smart watches. The Toq is a biggish but sleek number that boasts Bluetooth technology, music playback, and Android-native apps. And like its competitor, the Samsung Galaxy, the Toq screens calls, texts, and emails, and provides detailed calendar, weather, and stock information. 

It also tells time.

But it here.

6. Point 3 Basketball Shorts

Point 3 Basketball has come out with the best shorts on the market. Their latest innovation, that boasts proprietary DRYV Moisture Control side panels, which are specifically designed to wipe away moisture on your hands when you’re playing. On top of the built-in-towel technology, these shorts are made from a lightweight 4-way stretch fabric allowing the shorts to move with your body.

Buy them here.

7. Tumi Monaco Wallet

If this Tumi Monaco wallet is anything, it's sharp. If this Tumi Monaco wallet is two things, it's sharp and sexy. Remember, women look at your shoes and your wallet, make sure that both are on point and that neither have Velcro. 

Buy it here.

8. L.L. Bean Signature Boots

The best part of Winter is over, but sadly, Winter is not over. Get your feet in a pair of these re-vamped classic boots from L.L. Bean and be prepared for all the fun weather that is still left to come.

Buy it here.

9. Carhartt Quick Duck Jacket

Carhartt is quickly making the same main-stream transformation that The North Face made several years ago. We blame hipsters, but that doesn't mean the brand isn't still as Bro as it comes. This Quick Duck jacket is a perfect accomplice to the L.L. Bean Boots because it's durable and water repellent to block out the weather.

Buy it here.

10. Miracle on Ice Throwback “USA” Beanie

USA Hockey. Herb Brooks. Red, White and Blue. AMERICA. I think we've said enough. This hat sells itself. 

Buy it here.

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