The 80 Hottest Girls of the 1980s

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I was four years old when the 1980s ended, so I never got a chance to see Marty McFly, Jeff Spicoli, or Dr. Peter Venkman on the big screen. Although I've only seen “Fast Times at Ridgemont High” on VHS, I still consider the '80s to be one of humanity's finest decades. John Cusack's new movie “Hot Tub Time Machine” has me nostalgic for a time when Twisted Sister was considered cutting edge, Tom Cruise was jumping into actresses' beds rather than on Orpah's couch, and an extra ticket to Live Aid was almost as much of a pantydropper as rocking fresh Ray-Bans after seeing “Risky Business.” In order to hype you up for your own Reaganomics flashback, I've rounded up the 80 hottest actress, super models, video vixens, and sex symbols of the 1980s as a nostalgic walk down sitcom, movie, and centerfold lane. Video evidence is included where applicable. The entire list is four pages long (with some of the hottest smokeshows at the end), so keep your comments until the last page. In the meantime, set the mood by blasting some J Geils Band, pop a Shasta, and lustfully spaz out to the 80 hottest girls of the 1980s.

80. Jennifer Beals '80s claim to fame: Alexandra Owens in “Flashdance” 


79. Leslie Easterbrook '80s claim to fame: Debbie Callahan in “Police Academy”

78. Kimberley Conrad '80s claim to fame: Playboy cover girl, married Hugh Hefner in 1989  

77. Tanya Roberts '80s claim to fame: Julie Rogers on “Charlie's Angels”

76. Julia Roberts '80s claim to fame: Shelby Eatenton Latcherie in “Steel Magnolias”

75. Linda Fiorentino '80s claim to fame: Carla in “Vision Quest”

74. Rebecca De Mornay '80s claim to fame: Lana in “Risky Business”

73. Teri Hatcher '80s claim to fame: Penny Parker on “MacGyver”  

72. Sean Young '80s claim to fame: Rachael in “Bladerunner”

71. Beverly D'Angelo '80s claim to fame: Ellen Griswold in “National Lampoon's Family Vacation”

70. Diane Lane '80s claim to fame: Ellen Aim in “Streets of Fire”

69. Janice Dickinson '80s claim to fame: One of the first self-proclaimed “super models”

68. Brooke Shields '80s claim to fame: Emmeline Lestrange in “Blue Lagoon”

67. Mary Stavin '80s claim to fame: Agent Kimberley Jones in “View to a Kill”

66. Ione Skye '80s claim to fame: Diane Court in “Say Anything”

65. Debbie Harry '80s claim to fame: Lead singer in “Blondie” [inline:debbie]

64. Markie Post '80s claim to fame: Christine Sullivan on “Night Court”

63. Olivia d'Abo '80s claim to fame: Princess Jehnna in “Conan the Destroyer”

62. Carrie Fisher '80s claim to fame: Princess Leia in “Return of the Jedi”

61. Christina Applegate '80s claim to fame: Kelly Bundy on “Married With Children”

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