Kelly Brook Headlines This Week’s Hottie Index

by 5 years ago

Kelly Brook (pictured above)

The English actress and model was all over Cannes this week while the film festival was being held. And when I say she was all over Cannes, I mean it literally…and literally. She showed up numerous places with her t*ts all over the place. First she was squeezed into a phone booth. Then she was wearing a see-through bathing suit. Compared to some other stuff around Cannes this week, I’d say she’s the clear leader of the pack.

Sarah Silverman
Jimmy Kimmel’s ex has already been considered the cute funny girl. She did a Maxim shoot back in the day, but didn’t show off that much.  Her personality probably made her more appealing. We, however, never expected her to go full frontal in an indie movie. Let’s just say a razor and a gym membership might’ve been a good idea.  I’ll let the rest speak for itself. (Editor's Note: T's not kidding, her bush thick and her tits hang like sweaty gym socks.)


Bar Rafaeli
The Maxim Hot 100 is always a lightning rod for controversy. It’s supposed to be a list of who they believe to be the hottest 100 women of the year. Is Olivia Munn really the second hottest girl of the year? She’s hot sure, but that’s a major reach. Those cell phone pics were nice, but c’mon. But I digress… Back to business here, Rafaeli was given the #1 spot this year and at least she’s somewhat deserving.  Should it have been Kate Upton? Probably. But Rafaeli is at least pretty damn hot. Is she #1 on this week’s Hottie Index? You decide.

Kim Kardashian
Once again we look to Cannes for material. Kanye West has seemingly moved in on Kris Humprhies’ ex-wife and the two have been parading around for the last few weeks. But did Kanye notice his girl was showing n*p as she was leaving a party in Cannes? Maybe they were getting into some funny business in the back and she forgot to re-adjust her dress?

Mollie King
Kate Middleton will always steal the show as the future queen of England, but Prince Harry is looking for his piece of ass to match up with his brother’s. Rumors have been circling for a few weeks now that Harry has been dogging English singer Mollie King. Unlike his brother, he seems to prefer blondes. With King’s ex-boyfriend officially moving on to someone else, maybe her and Harry will finally admit true love.

So who's this week's winner? Sound off in the comments.

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