A Couple Fresh Faces and a Classic Champion in This Week’s Hottie Index

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Amanda Seyfried Esquire

4. Amanda Seyfried

A little over a year ago Seyfried lost the good-girl image as she burst through some serious skin during a movie no one saw named “Chloe.” A couple months later she came through with a gross good Esquire spread. She’s moved on from her role in HBO’s “Big Love,” but returns to the big stage with this week’s release of “Red Riding Hood.” Personally, I wouldn’t see it, but if you get dragged to it for some reason, at least you’ll have some good mental pictures to work with.

Olivia Wilde GQ

3. Olivia Wilde

It’s not very often that Waffles misses the boat on something, but I was surprised to see he didn’t include Olivia Wilde in his list of the 30 hottest women born in March. It’d be one thing if it was just a regular broad, but Wilde was #1 on Maxim’s Hot 100 back in 2009 and she hasn’t aged that much since then. I’ll make it my responsibility to wish her a happy belated birthday (it was March 10) from everyone here at BroBible.  

Agnes Fisher

2. Agnes Fisher

Ryan Reynolds played one of the greatest Bro movie roles of all time when he took Coolidge College by storm in “Van Wilder,” one of the most underrated comedies of the last decade. You wouldn’t expect him to move on slowly from his divorce with Scarlett Johansson. This time he traded b**bs for a more professional look and by professional I mean professional model. He’s now tapping Agnes Fisher, a 25-year-old German slampiece, who no one really knew about until yesterday, but now we’re glad we do.  

Jessica Biel Single

1. Jessica Biel

She’s single from JT. Unleash the hounds!

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