40-Year-Old Alicia Silverstone Goes Bare Butt For Animal Rights And It May Make Me Go Vegetarian

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Animal rights is a tough cause for me to jump onboard with because anything less than going completely cold turkey (lol PUN!) is hypocritical. I can’t, in clear conscience, fight against animal fur coats as I sit down to inhale a 20 oz porter house. Ya I’d love to eat the chickens who are treated well and given a college education before they’re slaughtered peacefully, but it’s $1.99 more to go organic at the grocery store. That’s why you never see poor people advocating for animal rights, because they can’t afford an alternate lifestyle.

But there have been droves of celebrities imploring us to go vegan and refrain from wearing wool and minx and basically everything I stand for. But I recently had an existential crisis about my lifestyle after PETA started speaking my language–the language of nudity. Alicia Silverstone, 40, an avid animal activist, went full naked to support the proper treatment of sheep. It was glorious.

Alicia also narrated a very disturbing video of sheep getting the shit kicked out of them for their wool. I did not enjoy it.

It’s been a while since we checked up on Alicia, so here are some pics to let you know that she’s still mighty fine.

Last night's look.. @outfest for the premiere of #KingCobraMovie

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#cfdaawards ✨

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#tbt to last week's premiere of #RoomTheMovie. Check it out when it hits theaters!

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I think I’ll eat a salad tonight.

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