Comparing Sex to Baseball: An Updated Guide

By 07.06.12

The terminology, for your consideration:

  • On Deck: Flirting/Holding hands
  • Strikeout: Obvious
  • First Base: Kissing
  • Second Base: Shirts off
  • Third Base: Touching below the belt, no pants
  • Home Run: Full-blown intercourse
  • Baseball Bat: Again, obvious 
  • Inside-the-Park Home Run: Oral Sex
  • Ground-Rule Double: Hand job
  • Broken Bat: Impotency
  • Warning Track: Pubic Area
  • Pine Tar: Lube
  • Trade: Swingers
  • Box Seats: Sex on a water bed
  • Cheap Seats: Sex on the floor
  • Steroids: Viagra
  • Switch Hitter: Bisexual
  • Perfect Week: Taking a girl home for 7 days straight
  • Grand Slam: Threesome
  • Rain Delay: Parents/Roommates come home early
  • Rain-Shortened Game: Quickie
  • Hitting For the Cycle: Having sex with 4 different girls in one weekend
  • Hall of Fame: Sex with 250 women lifetime
  • Hall of Fame Weekend: Different girl on Friday, Saturday, Sunday
  • Batter's Box: Bed
  • Rally Cap: Ribbed condom
  • Balk: Finishing prematurely
  • Rookie: Virgin
  • Relief Pitcher: Vibrator
  • Doubleheader: Sex Twice in one day
  • Batting Practice: Yanking it
  • Error: Condom breaks
  • Gambling on the Game: Sex without a condom
  • 7th inning Stretch: Unusual positions
  • Closer: Your signature “finishing” move
  • Scoring Position: About to have sex
  • Head first slide into second: Motorboat
  • Double play: Pleasing two girls at once
  • Retirement: Marriage


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