British Women Release Nude Calendar to Honor Deceased Friend, Who Had ‘Way with the Ladies’

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You see, Warr left behind a legacy of being both a sportsman and a ladies' man. He was a Brit who liked to take down both kinds of birds, if you will. So to honor his memory, dozens of his closest female friends, aged 18 to 40, have stripped down to pose in a nearly nude calendar called “Game Birds” (get it?), which will donate 100% of its proceeds to an air ambulance charity.

Just read these quotes from the New York Daily News:

“It could be said that Rich had a way with the ladies and appreciated the female form, but that would be an extreme understatement,” according to the “Game Birds” calendar website.

His other love was country sports, especially shooting. As an outdoorsman, Warr “was always up for trying daring challenges and new experiences.”

The calendar “is a way of capturing Rich’s intense lust for life and everything he stood for,” friend Zoe Hooper told the local Hereford Times.

Sounds like a guy you'd want to hang out with. Plus, just his memory was able to convince women to pose naked in a pub.
You can buy the calendar for 10 pounds online. If you buy today, it'll be delivered straight to your door by November. And, as we said before, it's for a good cause.


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