Canadian Strip Club Offering to Pay Dancers’ College Tuition

By 08.31.12

The management at Leopard’s Lounge and Broil in Windsor, Ontario, may just have the answer to the hiring woes: offering college tuition. The Lounge is providing $1,700 in tuition money for an aspiring dancers, provided the dancers maintain a B+ average. 

From the Toronto Sun:

Students who work at the club are eligible for up to $1,700 in tuition for full or part-time classes in area colleges or the University of Windsor, providing they maintain a B-plus average.

“The girls can take any class they want to help better themselves,” said Robert Katzman, who owns several clubs in Windsor and the U.S. “We have girls studying business, finance, to become nursing assistants and one taking chiropractory.”

Katzman offers a $500 signing bonus to new dancers providing they meet certain guidelines, loans to cover first and last month’s rent for apartments and will provide money for women to travel to Windsor.


Before anyone scoffs, keep these things in mind: 1. This is definitely not the most controversial thing this club has ever done. That would be its widely attended dwarf tossing contests, which the Sun said brought out hundreds of people back in January.

And 2. This seems to be a creative way to fill what is obviously a needed commodity in the market. Plus you're encouraging the strippers to keep a higher grade point average than the average student-athlete needs to keep an NCAA scholarship.

The strippers have higher standards!

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