We Should Celebrate More Often After This Week’s Hottie Index

By 04.15.11

Karina Smirnoff Playoff

4. Karina Smirnoff

It may cost her a job on “Dancing with the Stars,” but that's not stopping Karina Smirnoff from posing for this month's Playboy. I'm not sure what ABC is paying the dancers on that show, but apparently it's not enough if Karina feels like dancing with the other bunneys instead. I'm sure Heff will take care of her if she gets let go.

Genevieve Morton

3. Genevieve Morton

“MTV Cribs” used to be a fine show that could be re-watched with a hangover on a Saturday afternoon, but eventually it seemed to go stale. If they recreated it in the vain that Esquire is taking with its “Me in My Place” feature, then they really might be onto something. Who wouldn't want to watch a model like Genevieve Morton parade around her house in undies or a bikini while going through the various rooms. Sure we might not be focusing on the house itself, but it's all about driving ratings, right?

Imogen Thomas

2. Imogen Thomas

Soccer players are known to make poor marital decisions when it involves affairs with hot chicks (sometimes you can't blame them) and it recently happened to another English soccer star. The problem is we don't know which star actually slept with Imogen Thomas because the damn courts in the U.K. are preventing the gossip from running in the papers. Thankfully pictures of her are already out there so the judges can't keep them away from us.

Chrissy Teigen

1. Chrissy Tiegen

After the manner in which Chrissy Teigen celebrated her 10,000th tweet, we can all agree that she needs to celebrate such milestones a lot more often. John Legend's SI model girlfriend decided to let her hair act as her bathing suit for this momentous occasion. Her next celebration should involve body painting and the opportunity for Twitter followers to sign up for the job. I'm sure John won't mind.

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