This Woman Was A Successful Porn Star Earning $300K A Year And Driving A Ferrari, Now She’s Married To A Pastor

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Just three years ago, Crystal Bassette was a successful porn star earning $300,000 a year, driving a Ferrari, and living the lavish life of a Hollywood celebrity. Crystal would be recognized everywhere she went by fans of her porn films.

Crystal first got into the adult film industry to earn money after finding that Los Angeles was one of the most expensive places on the planet to live. She needed to support herself and her son, so she tested the waters of dancing at a strip club before making her foray into porn. Finding that the lifestyle didn’t suit her, Crystal turned to drugs and alcohol to ease her mind about the path she’d chosen in life. I personally don’t think there’s anything wrong at all with working in the porn industry, but it’s obvious that Crystal wasn’t okay with her decisions.

Her dad found out his daughter was a porn star when he came into his office at work and found a porn magazine opened to the page where his daughter was posing naked. Later, Crystal got into a horrific car accident and was slapped with a DUI. This is when she hit rock bottom and realized she needed to make a life change.

If the name Crystal Bassette rings a bell and it’s not from seeing her on Pornhub, it might be because she was once embroiled in a heated lawsuit. A Syracuse cop sued Crystal for $1 million, stating that she ruined his life.

These days, Crystal’s married to a pastor and speaks in front of her congregation. Barcroft TV caught up with former porn star Crystal Bassette to talk about her life, and the unique journey she’s taken to where she is right now.

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