Doing the Dirty Work for This Week’s Hottie Index

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Sasha Grey

5. Sasha Grey
While most of the news coverage this week focused on how old people dealt with the youth of America in a poor manner, Grey tried to do her part to restore our faith in humans. She visited an elementary school and read to a class of first graders. For some weird reason, their parents got all pissed off about it just because she’s done some adult entertainment in her day. To me this is a great opportunity for Grey to educate these kids so their parents don’t have to worry about them being in the adult entertainment business when they’re older. We’re teaching lessons here! Get with the program people.

4. Isabel Lucas
Most people relate stories of Greek Gods to male characters, but there are female Gods as well. To remind you of this, I’ll point out that Ms. Lucas is starring as Athena in this weekend’s release of “Immortals.” Lucas has a history of being an activist, so I’m sure she’d get behind this kind of awareness campaign as well. It may not be as important as dolphin hunting or breast cancer, but it deserves some attention nonetheless. Especially because Lucas is a bloody hot Aussie…

Kelly Kelly

3. Kelly Kelly
No, that’s not a typo. That is the WWE diva’s name. Or at least how they refer to her on TV. I’m sure Vince McMahon got his first look at her and stuttered while trying to say her name since he was took busy looking at her rack. Given the nature of stuttering is to repeat the word multiple times, it’s only natural that she’s referred to as Kelly Kelly. She showed off her stuff in this month’s Maxim while bending over a Chevrolet. If only one of her came with every car, America’s automotive industry would see their sales fly through the roof.

Karlie K

2. Karlie Kloss
The freshman class of Victoria's Secret Angels debuted this week and Kloss was my choice for rookie of the year. The Chicago native is one of the faces for Christian Dior and has been in numerous advertisements despite only being 19. She obviously has the right stuff because Leo DiCaprio was chasing her at the after party. Given his history, you can see I have good taste as well.

brooklyn decker

1. Brooklyn Decker
Some things aren’t fair. Sports Illustrated came out with the Swimsuit Calendar for 2012 and Decker is on the cover. When you see how beautiful her tits look in that bikini, how are you supposed to turn the cover to another month? Those other girls never stood a chance.

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