England is Back on Top in This Weeks’s Top 5 Hottie Index

By 02.12.11

Vanessa Hudgens Details

4. Vanessa Hudgens

Hopefully a girlfriend of yours never dragged you to see any of the “High School Musical” movies, in which case you may be on the outside of knowing who Hudgens really is. Frankly I don’t know much about her other than she’s had nekked pictures of her show up on the Internet twice. Now that she’s coming of age, she’s upgraded to making the round for being half clothed in Details magazine. I guess that’s not really an improvement for us, but it reminds us the topl*ss photos of this young cutie still exist.

Kim Kardashian W Magazine

3. Kim Kardashian

I went back to see how often KK has made the Top 5 Hottie Index recently and the answer is twice in the last three months. Normally adding her again would be overkill, but how do you ignore it when a girl is nekked other than a small layering of silver body paint. These photos from W Magazine are actually more than a year old, but when the episode chronicling the whole thing finally aired this week, KK changed her tune rather quickly. When the photos first leaked, she started balling, demanding that the issue not be printed and threatening to fire her whole team. When the actual issue hits stands, however, and she saw how hot she looked, she loved it. So did we, Kim, so did we.

Rosie Roff FHM

2. Rosie Ruff

I probably should make it mandatory to include an off-the-radar hottie every week. It helps that my fellow writers here at BroBible are making sure our readers are abreast of new chicks. JoePa unveiled British smokeshow Rosie Ruff this week, giving me another reason to be proud of my part-English bloodlines.

Cherly Cole

1. Cheryl Cole

Speaking of English bloodlines, I feel like it’s my duty to the Bros out there to make sure they’re well aware of who Cheryl Cole is. She’s an English broad who was part of an all-girls musical group named Girls Aloud and was married to English soccer star Ashley Cole. She’s since divorced him and now appears to be running from her past all the way to America. She’ll likely be joining Simon Cowell on his new show “X-Factor” and you will assuredly be seeing a lot of her in the Fall. Be prepared. You’re going to want to get as much of her as possible.

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