Everybody Must Get Stoned in This Week’s Top Five Hottie Index

By 09.19.10

4. Blake Lively

“The Town” hit theaters this weekend and easily won the box office. The critically-acclaimed Beantown naroco-thriller co-stars Blake Lively, who plays Krista Coughlin, a sexy and sl*tty single mom who moonlights as a drug mule to pay the bills. Back in July, she described her performance to Total Film magazine: “I'm screaming, I'm crying, I'm fighting, I'm on drugs, I'm in the hospital. They were all very, very rough. Rough to perform, rough to watch or to experience.” Bitching and moaning isn't typically criteria to make the Top Five hotties list, but I'll make an exception for anyone as hot as Lively.

3. Rebecca Hall

This brunette cutie landed on everyone's radar with “Vicky Cristina Barcelona.” Now she's back in “The Town” starring alongside Ben Affleck and Jon Hamm.

2. Coco Nicole Austin  


Last week, Ice T's significant other strut her super-sized badonkadonk down a runaway for New York City's Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week. Pompous, highfalutin' fashion is about as interesting to me as watching Spackle dry, so I really could care less about the event itself. However, I most definitely do care about the new photos of her massive whaletail, which make Moby-Dick look like a docile guppy swimming in a please-touch tank at Sea World. So call me Ishmael, it gets better. A few days after the fashion show, Coco blast out a Tweet of her posing in a thong with her sister. As you can tell, it runs in the family. If there's one thing I'll never complain about, it's a g-string peeker. Bonus points when there's hot sisters involved.  

1. Emma Stone

If you have a pulse, you fell in love with Emma the first time you saw “Superbad.” Your infatuation with her cattiness and wry personality was probably re-kindled last fall with “Zombieland.” Now this red-headed up-and-comer is back at the multiplex for “Easy A,” starring as a high school hussy who offers an uncanny “service.” Critics agreed though that even though it was marketed as yet another teen comedy about dorks struggling to lose their virginity, it's actually has a much sharper script than that. So if your girlfriend wants to drag you to it on a random Tuesday night, don't protest too much and just remember how hot Stone is.

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