Going Downtown, Shaving Downtown, Breakup Sex, and More

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A. This might be, hands down, the foulest question I’ve received since starting this column. Would you eat a saltw*ter-soaked tuna sandwich? Probably not.

Q. I find my girlfriend very attractive… but…. she really doesn't know how to be sexy. She was raised in a very conservative household. How can I get her to uncover her naughty sexy side?

A. Sometimes girls are just nervous and unsure about what you might consider sexy. The best thing to do is just talk to her about it. Try to be tactful and gentle bringing it up; you don’t want to embarrass her and you certainly don’t want her to think you don’t find her attractive. Reassure her that you think she’s totally sexy but if she were to add a couple more things into her repertoire, you’d be pretty pumped. Keep in mind that this might go both ways. She might have some things she wants you to do as well, so be ready for her to take your suggestions as an open invitation to make some of her own.

Positive reinforcement goes a long way. When she does something that’s a little out of her normal act, be sure to let her know how much you like it, and appreciate the effort. At the end of the day, she’s into you, and she wants you to be into her. Telling her the things that make her irresistible to you are things she probably wants to know. Girls, no matter how conservative or not, like to feel that they are the only one their guy wants, so you might be surprised how readily she’s willing to let you see that naughty sexy side.

Q. Do girls like it shaved or not?

A. I had no idea this was such a quandary for most of you! I’ve actually lost count of all the emails I’ve received with some form of this question.

From what I can tell, it’s probably a lot like girls: a personal preference. At least to a certain extent. Whether completely bare or just well manicured I think probably depends on the person that’s getting all up and involved in your situation. But I think it’s pretty safe to say that no one enjoys a mouthful of soggy overgrown wiry brillo pad hair when they are trying to make their way through Domeville.

Q. What is a good way to go about asking for breakup sex?

A. Get drinks. Talk about the most fun parts of your relationship (not the emotional ones, but rather the times when you were both having a lot of fun). Be reminiscent and appreciative of the good times you guys used to have together. Have a couple more drinks, tell her she looks good. Make out. Go from there.

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