The Hottest Girls of ‘Entourage’—Season Five

By 07.21.11

Season Five

1. Rachel Sterling

Character:  Ana; the girl having sex with a very hirsute Vince on a desolate beach in Mexico while MIA fro Hollywood.

First Appearance: Episode 5.1  “Fantasy Island”

2. Summer Altice

Character:  “Hot Girl” 

First Appearance: Episode 5.2  “Unlike a Virgin”


3. Caroline D'Amore

Character:  Brooke; A girl Turtle meets at a party and insists she has a boyfriend, despite him spitting all his game.

First Appearance: Episode 5.2  “Unlike a Virgin”

4. Katie Morgan, Shay Jordan, and Cassie Young

Character:  The adult entertainmentstars who flash the RV on the way to Joshua Tree National Park

First Appearance: Episode 5.5  “Tree Trippers

5. Daniella Van Graas

Character:  Natasha; Vince wants her.

First Appearance: Episode 5.6: “Gotta Look Up to Get Down”

6. Maria Zyrianova

Character:  Raina; Model who's got a thing for E.

First Appearance: Episode 5.7: “Gotta Look Up to Get Down”

 7. Ella Thomas

Character:  Viveca; Vince visits her to try to track down the model he's interest in.

Episode: Season 5.7: “Gotta Look Up to Get Down”

8. Jamie-Lynn Sigler

Character:  Herself; Gives Turtle a HJ on a plane, becomes his steady boyfriend for a season before getting bored.

Episode: Season 5.8  “First Class Jerk”

9. Nikki DuBose

Character:  Hottest Girl in Town; Dances with Drama

Episode: Season 5.12  “Return to Queens Boulevard”

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