Which Girl From This Week’s Hottie Index Will Start Dating Shaun White Next?

By 06.01.12

Charlize Theron (Pictured above doing her best “take me and f*ck me” look)
This weekend’s big movie opening “Snow White and the Huntsman” features two hotties, but we’re choosing Theron over Kristen Stewart because Theron smiles more often. Theron has been around for a long time (no one should forget her constantly nude performance in “The Devil’s Advocate”), but she’s somehow only 36 years old. She’s still going strong and will surely bring some money to the box office this weekend.


Arianny Celeste
Celeste is known as a UFC ring girl, but she’s picked up some of her own attacking moves as well. She was arrested over the weekend for getting in an argument with her boyfriend in Las Vegas. The claim is self-defense and the dude does look pretty sketchy. Plus if you’re getting beat up with a girl whose biggest weapon is her boobs then that’s very embarrassing.

Jackie Landry
Your first comment upon seeing this name is probably “who the eff is this girl?” Then you move see the picture involved and you become concerned that she’s not being choked to death by her own t*ts. Jackie was traveling around with Giants linebacker Mark Herzlich this past weekend and pictures surfaced on twitter. Herzlich came out and said those milk cannons were real and now everyone knows who Jackie Landry is.

Erin Heatherton
Chances are Victoria Secret models aren’t good actresses, but at least you know they’ll look good. When casting for a cheerleader, what else are you actually looking for? I never saw “Grown Ups” and don’t really plan on seeing the sequel, but it is nice seeing Heatherton parade around in a cheerleader’s uniform. That’s good for a few nights in the spank bank.

Gabrielle Union
As the heat run through the Eastern Conference, all the attention is being paid to Lebron and D-Wade. D-Wade’s lady wants some attention too, so Union is parading around the beach in a skimpy bikini. She’s obviously still bringing the heat herself, but will D-Wade still be interested once she crosses the wrong side of 40? If she looks like this, he’s probably got a few more years before he moves on to the next one.

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