This Week’s Hottie Index Proves We’re as Deep As Any Team in the Country

By 11.10.12

Bérénice Marlohe

The new James Bond film “SkyFall” debuts this weekend in theatres marking one of the final installments of Daniel Craig as the English super-agent. That situation might be met with sadness from some Bond fans (mostly men), but the good thing about any new Bond movie is a new Bond girl. Some of the Bond girls have their careers take off after starring in the role and some don't, but Marlohe will be happy to even make it this far. Before auditioning for the role, she only made it as far as various French TV shows. That's not exactly a career to write home about, so everything for Marlohe is gravy after this. Unlike the French movie industry who felt she didn't fit the right profile, we thinks she fits in our lives just fine.

Alex Vega

I never saw any of the “Spy Kids” movies and I wouldn't be surprised if you were in the same boat. Therefore I can't look at the new promotional photo for the upcoming movie “Machete Kills” that was released this week and think about how far she's come since then. I can, however, look at the photo and think, “man does that small girl have such a big rack.” I'm will to consider my assessment of the situation as good as and can only wonder what's next to Vega. I'm sure to recognize her this next time around.

Paige Butcher

It takes a lot to date Eddie Murphy. Apparently he's a bit of an eccentric fella from what we've seen in his career. We do know that he's quite funny and chicks dig funny dudes. Naturally that adds up to Murphy's new girlfriend Butcher being a regular dime piece that even Jason Kidd and the Knicks would be ok with. As you can probably guess, Butcher is a model. File that in the “obvious facts” category.

Brittney Palmer

With the influx of hot octagon girls from the UFC scene, I might actually have to watch more UFC in the future. Palmer poised for Playboy back in March of this year, so there's not much she can do to top that, but her shoot for FHM is still rather enticing. It even comes with a video. It may not leave her completely naked, but then you remember you can always search for that afterwards and plenty of blood starts rushing to your groin area.


Vicki and Sarah Satterfield

Posing for Playboy is definitely one way to jump start your career, so deciding to remain as a stripper is probably due to a lack of ambition. Vicki and Sarah were arrested after getting into a fight with each other and the manager at the strip club they worked at. They probably should've consulted their triplet sister who wasn't involved before throwing down in a brawl that ended up involving six other girls in the dressing room. There must not have been enough tips to go around that night.

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