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  • Hill Climbs Are Always Fun [The Throttle]
  • Hollywood's 7 Greatest Poop Pranks [MTV Clutch]
  • Bryan Cranston Cast in Total Recall, Which is Set on Earth Now…Wait, what? [Film Drunk]
  • Is Season 5 the Worst Season of 30 Rock Yet? [Bullz Eye]
  • The Guide to the Perfect April Fools Day (for Amoral Sociopaths) [Gunaxin]
  • Phew! Mad Men will Return! [College Candy]
  • Stoner Song of the Week: Audimatic “The Colors” [Hail Mary Jane]
  • 10 Trademarked Colors [Mental Floss]
  • First Pics of DeNiro Playing a Cool Guy in 'Red Lights' [Screen Junkies]
  • The Deleted Britney Spears Scene from Jackass 3D [Linkiest]
  • MWG Brewery of the Month: Lakefront Breweries [Midwestern Gentleman]



Shark Takes Massive Dump

  • Just because

Shark attacks a drunk dude.

  • Pwned.

A Sick BMX Trick

Worlds First “Special Flip” – Watch more Sports

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She's such a tease.

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