Kate Upton Teaches Us the ‘Dougie’ in This Week’s Hottie Index

By 04.03.11

Poonam Pandey

4. Poonam Pandey

No one knew who Pandey was until we found out she was a model who declared she’d get nekked if India won the Cricket World Cup. While she doesn’t bring the same heat as Larissa Riquelme, it’s nice when a 19-year-old model shows that kind of patriotism and willingness to get nekked. Now she appears she’s a bit of a tease and will only strip for the cricket team itself, which indeed won the World Cup on Saturday. Someone needs to get her publicist on the line and inform him or her that Pandey’s status will only be elevated if she takes it off for everyone. Otherwise there will be unrest!  

Rihanna Bikini

3. Rihanna

If you make a song named “S&M” and sing that whips and chains excite you, you’re going to be asked whether or not you’re full of shit. Rolling Stone came hard at Rihanna with that line of questions and she backed up her lyrics by saying she likes to be spanked and tied up. It’s always nice to hear about a woman who’s willing to experiment a little bit. If she’s as up for taking pictures as she says she is, there’ll be a sex tape on the Internet in no time.  

Jessica Jane Clement

2a. Jessica-Jane Clement

We’ve given Clement plenty of love on this website in the last couple weeks, but give credit where it’s due. Nuts Magazine unveiled its 100 hottest women in the U.K. and Clement not only was included, but Nuts featured her with a full spread in this month’s magazine.  

Maryse Ouellet

2b. Maryse Ouellet

With Wrestlemania taking place tonight, I decided to look into who was the best-looking Diva that WWE had going these days. You’d be hard pressed to find one better looking than Maryse, who appeared in Playboy a few years ago. Unfortunately she doesn’t seem to be partaking in tonight’s card, but I’m sure those Playboy photos will provide plenty of insight into her abilities.  

Kate Upton Dougie

1. Kate Upton

I’m not sure we’ve seen a star rise as quickly as Upton’s has in recent weeks. She took the world by storm with her coming out party in the SI Swimsuit issue and is fully capitalizing on that momentum. Hopefully she uses her better judgment and brushes off the advances of Kanye West. While he is talented, she doesn’t need to get mixed up with a guy who has such a crazy side. She should spend her free time developing “Dougie” instructional videos.

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