Kendall Jenner Posted A Topless Selfie On Instagram, Still Hasn’t Addressed Controversy Around Fyre Festival And Pepsi

By 05.01.17

I don’t know how celebrities get paid to endorse the things that they endorse on Instagram. I assume it’s through a lot of shady, backdoor dealings with managers and agencies who take meetings at Arby’s parking lots and just hand each other grocery store bags of cash,. But I do know that Kendall Jenner was one of the people to promote the now-disastrous Fyre Festival in the Bahamas, which means she presumably took¬†someone‘s money to promote an allegedly fraudulent tropical music festival where thousands shilled out big bucks with the promise of hanging with “influencers” like Jenner herself.

Exhibit A:

Now that a class action lawsuit has opened up against the Fyre Festival promoters, there’s a pretty solid chance Jenner will be investigated by the FTC for misleading, deceptive and/or fraudulent advertising around the Fyre Festival campaign.

All this¬†follows on the heels of her ill-fated Pepsi campaign. She¬†still¬†hasn’t addressed that particular snafu either, though she did have plenty of time to take Bumble’s money to host a¬†#WinterBumbleland¬†party at Coachella with her sister, Kylie.

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