Model Promises An ‘Oral Sex Tour’ For Those Who Vote ‘No’ In Italian Referendum, Shows Dedication To Cause Via Instagram

By 12.05.16


This isn’t the first time some promiscuous “model” has offered sexual compensation for political compliance and it won’t be the last (See: Madonna, Amy Schumer). What makes the case of 27-year-old Paola Saulino different is her commitment to the cause–evident in a comprehensive plan for giving blowies and an array of videos teasing the reward.

Paola, who describes herself  as an “artist, performer, actress and model” (ya me too) urged Italian voters to vote ‘NO’ on a constitutional referendum put forward by the Prime Minister Matteo Renzi to reform the composition and powers of the Parliament of Italy.

The tour poster proclaims: “I am a woman that keeps my word. For this reason if ‘no’ will win the referendum, I will wait for you for my Pompa Tour to delight you with what I promised for the people that voted no.”

– 1 Ciao ragazzi per fronteggiare le numerose richieste mi sarei organizzata in questo modo. Qualcuno mi chiede fino a che punto andrà avanti questa storia , io rispondo che andrà avanti. Queste sono le prime date italiane, l'idea mia è di avere un arco temporale che non andrà oltre il dicembre 2018 (in tutto dunque due anni), tenendo conto dei miei impegni e del fatto che non risiedo permanentemente in Italia. Questo è quanto, ora non posso scrivere una Bibbia ma seguitemi su Twitter e FB per chiarimenti maggiori in merito al tour . Un bacio 💋 #pom #followme #cute #nice #cute #paolasaulino #paolina #pompatour #italiangirl #italia #italy #gossip #iovotono #referendumcostituzionale #referendum

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The poster lists dates in January for cities including Rome, Florence, Bologna, Milan and Naples. She said it will not go in beyond December 2018 “keeping in mind my work and business,” according to News AU.

It looks as if Italian voters have succeeded in voting ‘no’ for the referendum that took place Sunday. How Paola will confirm who people voted for it unclear, but what is clear is that she’s not fucking around…

Io faccio le prove prima del referendum #referendum #no #pom #fuckyou #power #positive #blöwjöb #permeèno #followme

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Piccolo languore prima di dormire #Night #goodnight #banana #like4like #followme #nice #cute #love #eat #girl #hungry #hashtag

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