More Fresh Faces Is Our Resolution in This Week’s Hottie Index

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Lauren Sanchez Bikini

5. Lauren Sanchez

The fresh faces start off with Mrs. Sanchez (not to be confused with Kate Upton). Those out in L.A. may recognize Sanchez from their local newscast. Frankly, if my local newscast had a lady with a set of tits like this, I'd probably watch it more. Although the argument could be made that I'd be focusing on her tits (seen in recent bikini shots taken over the New Year's holiday) than the actual words coming out of her mouth, I'm sure some knowledge is gained through osmosis, no? The other thing worth mentioning is that Sanchez has had three kids and still looks like this. Let that be a lesson to all mothers out there.

Maria Menounos Bikini

4. Maria Menounos

Once actor, now TV host Maria Menounos knows how to get recognized because she covers that shit for “Extra” every day. So she must've known she was going to start an Internet firestorm when she decided to parade around Miami while throwing around lots of skin. Menounous first decided to just show just her midsection, but later went on out on the beach with a bikini. Who knows what led to her needing the attention other than the sheer jealousy of the celebrities she covers for work, but we'll enjoy ogling her either way.

Gina Carano

3. Gina Carano

Those familiar with the new edition of “American Gladiators” or MMA will recognize Carano from her time in those areas. The amount of the sexy brunette's fans will likely grow when the she hits the big screen in a couple weeks as the star of “Haywire.” To help drum up good press for the star-laced movie, Carano can be seen in a provocative spread for GQ. The only question is, would you spend three rounds in the octagon with her just for the chance to bang her? Most men would say they'd do whatever it takes…

Katy Perry Beach

2. Katy Perry

Every husband wishes their wife would have an insatiable motor in the bedroom with the willingness do a few crazy things. You can't, however, expect your wife to be willing to do really weird shit like f*ck you while you're pretending to be paralyzed in a wheel chair. That's what Russell Brand was asking of wife Katy Perry before the two decided they were going to divorce. Apparently requests like this is what led to the divorce, but you can't blame the titillating singer for not acquiescing to weird shit like that. Katy should know that if she took my hand in marriage, I'd let her choose the sex acts as long as I got to motorboat those sons of b*tches a few times a week. 

Oklahoma State Cheerleaders

1. Oklahoma State Cheerleaders

There's always strength in numbers, so this week's top spot goes to the Oklahoma State cheerleading squad. Sure they cheered on their football team in this week's Fiesta Bowl and looked good doing it, but that's not what lands them here. Parading around in bikinis on a ski trip, however, is the right answer. And it's not just one girl looking that good, but a whole team of them. The Unites States is a country of excess, so we welcome the new year with some on our end.

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